Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Dream is Realized

I've wanted a VW Vanagon for half of my life. Maybe the seed was planted during my Phish-loving high school days, when at 15 I first gazed at a colorful fleet of buses and vans--tops popped--from the back seat of my parents' much less interesting Dodge Caravan.

Or perhaps it was that always present longing to stay just a bit later in the mountains. On the long stretches of highway following exhausting days of climbing, hiking, or skiing, I fantasized countless times about one day avoiding the weary, bleary-eyed drive home to instead enjoy a few more beers while recounting the days' adventures. The vanagon was always the missing ingredient to making that dream a reality.

After many, many months of regional crazedlist searching to compliment too many hours spent on The Samba classifieds, I found a very promising listing for a 1990 VW Vanagon Westfalia Multivan located deep in the heart of Maine. A flurry of emails and phone conversations, a long test drive, and a detailed inspection later, I closed the deal and drove home in fulfillment of my longtime dream.


  1. We'll need to test out your theory about "having a few more beers" after climbing.

  2. Jeffrey and Amanda will have a great time in their vanagon, especially when they go to Old Orchard Beach Campgrounds for lots of fun.

  3. ...because the wilds of Old Orchard Beach are what we've really been dreaming of.

  4. Hi,
    It appears that we share a similar passion for Vanagons and adventure. i was born and raised near Boston MA. I saw my first Syncro in a parking lot in Burlington (MA) and have loved em ever since. Bought my first Syncro in 98 from a guy in NH. It was a rusty gem and I spent the entire summer restoring it. Shortly there after I moved to Seattle and that was nearly 12 years ago. I am currently on my second vanagon resto project and looking forward to adventuring in it this summer. Please drop me a line if you find yourself in the Seattle area. You can checkout progress on my project at


  5. Thanks for the note, Joe. That's a beautiful restoration. I hope to one day have the confidence to take on a project of that extent. I know my engine won't last forever, and wow, that Subaru of yours looks fantastic. I can only imagine how it must feel.