Saturday, June 25, 2011

Road Trip: Badlands National Park, SD

Badlands National Park is often described as otherworldly. The wild, geologically unique landscape of spires, buttes, and rolling grasslands suddenly emerges after hundreds of miles of homogeneous grazing land and an endless bombardment of Wall Drug billboards. We rolled through the park gates and headed to the Cedar Pass Campground to secure a site before heading out to explore our bizarre, breathtaking surroundings.

Dogs aren't allowed on hiking trails in National Parks, so we were limited to a driving tour of the Badlands on the classic Loop Road. After setting out, we didn't feel limited at all. The winding, 35-mile road weaves through soaring spires, over steep passes, and atop high plateaus. Stunning vistas await at every turn. The bison eluded us again, only offering a distant glimpse as they grazed deep in green grasses below.

As the sun was setting, we returned to Cedar Pass to grill some burgers and enjoy the cool, dry weather and stunning views that surrounded us in every direction.

I can't recall ever seeing so many stars in the night sky.


  1. Hi, Just love reading your blogs. If you choose to change careers, you both definitely should become writers. You make me envious every time I see your pictures. Well, take care and we'll talk soon.



  2. Nice pictures, looks like a great trip. I'm jealous