Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road Trip: Cleveland via Buffalo

We left Niagara Falls still damp from the cool mist and crossed the Rainbow Bridge back into the USA. The final destination was Cleveland, but we couldn't pass up a chance to swing through Buffalo to sample some of the famous wings that bear its name.  Local intelligence (thanks, Case!) suggested not The Anchor Bar, which claims to have invented the Buffalo Wing, but Duff's. This no-frills establishment served us a mountain of wings in short time, all dripping with their very spicy Buffalo sauce. 

Lunch consisted of 20 wings, a bowl of chili, a pile of fries, and a couple small salads  to make it healthy. I also enjoyed a tall pint of Duff's Microbrew.

From Duff's we left Buffalo and headed to beautiful Shaker Heights, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. The wonderful parents of our good friend Amelia welcomed us--Parker included--into their lovely home for the night.  After dropping our belongings in their guest room, Judy took us on an amazing, truly professional driving tour of Cleveland on our way to the Tremont neighborhood of the city.  We met Doug at Parralax, a restuarant whose menu was as exciting and eclectic as it was delicious. Amanda went for the local great lakes Walleye and I chose a Black Sea Bass special, served with bacon and smoked gouda mac and cheese. Amanda couldn't resist the ginger creme brule for dessert.  With the fantastic meal in our bellies, we slept very well and it's a good thing, considering the long drive that would come the next day.


  1. Wings, chili AND fries!!!!

  2. Sue, a former Buffalonian, will be very impressed by your deep cultural knowledge of chicken wings and choice of Duff's over the Anchor Bar.


    PS Things here in Boston are good. The Bruins won the Stanley Cup and we just had the first day of summer!

  3. Sounds...heavy! I hope the dog didn't eat the same thing...great trip you guys!


  4. We enjoyed the visit at least as much as you did...and enjoyed the Parker surprise too!! You three (or even without Parker) are welcome as often as you'd like--and lots more good restaurants to try in Cleveland. And Duff's is better than Anchor Bar (remembering from our driving to/from kid hockey games)--Doug and Judy