Thursday, June 2, 2011

Smallest RV at the Park! Old Orchard Beach, ME

We escaped the city for a brief getaway to Old Orchard Beach last weekend. This type of “camping” is entirely new to me. Before getting the Vanagon, camping was always an active outdoor pursuit, backpacking to a remote site in the mountains and setting up a tent. Adjusting to this new variety will take some time, and that’s one of the reasons we made this brief trip before hitting the road on our cross-country journey in a couple weeks.

Hid’n Pines Family Campground was the location of our one-night stay. It was a busy Memorial Day weekend at the camp, and our VW was dwarfed in a sea of massive RVs. The playgrounds, swimming pool, and basketball court (this is camping?) were packed with excited children. Bathroom facilities were clean. The free Wi-fi (!) was slow. I probably should have logged a complaint now that I understand that amenities are essential to the true camping experience.

This campground is the closest to the water of many options in the area; just a ten minute walk. Old Orchard Beach is dog-friendly before 10am and after 5pm, which was extremely good news for our dog. I don’t know if it’s technically an off-leash space, but we let him run wild for nearly an hour and no one seemed to mind.

We steered clear of OOB’s amusement park and countless touristy junk shops and greasy fast-food restaurants littering the boardwalk. We instead opted for a campsite fire and a feast of tender steak tips, perfectly grilled on our Coleman stove. More on that to come.


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  2. What a great article to stumble upon! We're so happy to hear you enjoyed your stay with us! We love your set of wheels, what a neat way to camp. Happy travels, and we hope to see you again in the future! The last two weeks of August are usually BEAUTIFUL, and much quieter, if you find yourself back in our neck of the woods!

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