Friday, June 3, 2011

Vanagon Product Review: Coleman Grill Stove

We finally had the chance to use our Coleman Signature InstaStart Grill Stove last weekend while camping at Old Orchard Beach. At home, I do all the grilling on real hardwood charcoal, so my expectations of this small, portable gas stove weren't very high.  To my surprise, it did an exceptional job of grilling two pounds of tender steak tips.

 Setup of the stove is very fast and easy. I was ready to grill in less than a minute. The unit lived up to its name and truly did start in an instant at the first click of the ignition button. The grilling surface heated quickly and the tips were sizzling as soon as they hit the grates. I was delighted to see that they colored nicely and charred a bit at the edges, just as they would on the grill back home.

Understandably, the grilling surface is hottest in the middle above the single propane burner, but ample cooking heat was distributed across the entire area.

Cleanup was surprisingly easy.  After I finished cooking and removed the tips, I let the flames continue to run for another minute or two, by which point the sticky marinade was blackened and flaking from the non-stick grill grates. I wiped all the waste into the removable drip tray via the hole in the pan beneath the grill. Simple.

I strongly recommend the Coleman Signature InstaStart Grill Stove and look forward to many more enjoyable cooking sessions in the weeks ahead.

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