Monday, September 26, 2011

The Bus

I recently learned of an upcoming documentary film called The Bus. Based on the excellent trailer and teaser reels, it looks like filmmaker Damon Ristau does a wonderful job revealing the cultural, sentimental, social, and mythical realms of this internationally loved vehicle.

"The Bus" Road Teaser from Damon Ristau on Vimeo.

"The Bus" Trailer from Damon Ristau on Vimeo.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a nearby screening. The Somerville Theater or the Coolidge Corner Theater come to mind as perfect venues, and I get the sense that their ownership/management is of the type that would really enjoy this film.

The upcoming VW Day/Transporterfest (Sunday 10/9) at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA would be a great event to promote the film and do some east coast fundraising. Maybe Mr. Ristau and his Firewater Film Company will send me some publicity schwag (and a screener, so I know what I'm talking about!) to display at the festival...

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