Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How NOT to Road Trip with a Dog

Last summer we enjoyed a 5-week, 9,000 mile cross-country road trip with our beloved dog, Parker. It's not an exaggeration to say the entire trip revolved around his needs. The presence of our furry family member determined where we camped, what activities we pursued, and how much continuous driving we could do at any given time. We don't have air conditioning in the Vanagon, but we made sure that Parker was comfortable, happy, and hydrated at all times. Regular stops to allow him to stretch and relieve himself were part of our daily road trip itineraries. If there was any possibility that these most basic needs could not be met, we would't have traveled with the dog to begin with.

vanagon road trip dog
A happy road trip companion.
Below you'll find a horrifyingly accurate infographic to illustrate how one should never take a canine (or any other animal) on a short or long-distance road trip. The story itself isn't breaking news, but the infographic sheds new light on its sordid details. I'm still utterly disgusted by Mitt Romney's treatment of the family's Irish Setter, Seamus. Twelve long hours on the roof of the car in the summer heat on Interstate 90? The infamous road trip occurred the same year that Romney left Bain & Company to co-found the private equity investment firm, Bain Capital. In other words, I'm sure he could have afforded a lovely, posh doggie spa or kennel for Seamus. Instead, he strapped him to the roof for a diarrhea-inducing ride of terror.

This infographic from the Animal Legal Defense Fund outlines the anti-cruelty laws in each of the jurisdictions the Romneys passed through that would clearly prohibit such a rooftop journey. As Lanny Davis wrote for Fox News, “This is the ultimate Purple Issue — it cuts across Republicans, Democrats, blue states, red states, liberals and conservatives.”

Download a high-resolution version of this infographic for your blog or website.

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