Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vanagon Gear from Etsy

vanagon onsie
We enjoy supporting the creative and talented craftsmen and women on the Etsy marketplace. In January we purchased a batik Vanagon onsie from the seller, AppleJaxie. It finally fits Jacob, just in time for our upcoming road trip to Maine.

When my tattered wallet finally broke down a couple weeks ago, I turned to Etsy for a replacement. I particularly liked Backerton's handmade, full-grain leather wallets, which are thin by design but very functional. He prints a wide variety of old-timey images on the wallets, and while I liked many of the options, I had a custom design in mind. To my surprise, Backerton was willing to apply my imagea Vanagon blueprint, of sortsat no additional charge. I'm very happy with the results!
vanagon wallet

I'm considering making a t-shirt or hoodie with this same image, which took a good deal of effort to track down and a more time to print, scan, and enlarge. I'm now happy to share them with the Vanagon world.

Both the profile and front/back images are available for download in high(ish) resolution. The blog limits the upload size, so contact me for larger versions.

vanagon specs blueprint

vanagon specs blueprint

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