Monday, February 11, 2013

1962 VW Bus: Regular Feature in the Comics!

My dad recently mailed me a comic that he clipped from the local newspaper. After a little digging, I learned that the Zits writer/illustrator duo Jerry Scott and John Borgman regularly feature a very well-worn VW bus in the series. Zits centers around the life of Jeremy Duncan, a 16-year old high school sophomore and proud owner of a problem-laden (is there any other type?) 1962 split-window bus.

Here are a bunch of comics that I pulled from the Zits archive featuring the bus-related trials, tribulations, and bliss of young Jeremy. I can identify with many of them, from stuck windows and looming concerns of undercarriage rust to that new-owner excitement to get out drive for any ol' reason. In fact, I still have that any-excuse-is-a-good-excuse-to-go-for-a-drive mentality! Click the comics to enlarge: