About Us

I spend my M-F as an administrator and adviser in higher education. In my spare timewhich is becoming harder and harder to come byI love to bike, run, ski, read, and, of course, travel in the Vanagon! I'm already imagining Jacob on tiny tele-skis next winter. I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts and attended college in Maine and grad school in Boston. I've stuck around ever since, living in Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, and now Arlington.

By day, I'm a sixth grade teacher in Boston. By evening, weekend, night, and any other chance I get, I'm an adventurous jewelry maker, gardener, baker, and chef. I love traveling with the family, especially to Maine, where Jeff and I first met!  Before that, I hailed from New York.

My first road trip was the rescue operation that liberated me from the mean streets of Virginia to my new home up north. Accommodations in the Vanagon are far superior. I don't care where we go, just don't leave me behind.

I love riding in Ruby the van. Camping, VW gatherings, and festivals are so much fun!


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